We have now sold over 600 of the Guitar Players Friend transposition tools to guitar players in 48 states and 10 different countries.

Who we are...

My name is Phil. I am the creator of the Guitar Players Friend guitar chord transpostion tool. This all started back in 2005 when I found myself out of work and hanging around a local guitar store in Blaine, Minnesota. A customer entered the store and asked the owner if he had anything that would tell him how to change the key of a song so it would be easier for him to play on his guitar. The owner said he didn't have anything like that, but if he did he would sell it to him. Since I had experienced some frustration in attempting to change the keys of songs, I knew what the customer was looking for. If I had been through any serious musical training, I might not have thought there should be a solution for this problem because I would have known the music theory behind the process that trained musicians use to change the key of a piece of music.

With the help of my amateur guitar teacher and his professional guitar teacher friend, I was able to learn enough to put together the original and unique guitar chord transposition tool. When I showed it to several local guitar shop owners, I was pleased that they all thought it was a great idea. However, I soon decided that it would not be cost effective to drive around the state selling the transposers to music stores, although I did sell them to a half dozen local stores in Minnesota. When I began selling on eBay it was obvious that there was a fair sized market for my creation.

The logical next step was to create a web presence with a web site so I wouldn't have to continually generate listings on eBay.