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Guitar Players Friend Blog

Welcome to the Guitar Player's Friend blog

Posted: 2012-08-22

My name is Phil. I am the creator of the Guitar Players Friend guitar chord transposition tool. This all started back in 2005 when I found myself out of wo...[Read more]

August 2011 Nearly Over Already

Posted: 2011-08-24

It has not been a particularly interesting year so far from a personal perspective. It seems that time flies by as I attend to the mundane necessities of life. Each ...[Read more]

Ham Lake Porcupine

Posted: 2011-02-12

Finally the temperature went above freezing for the first time in weeks. The sun even came out this afternoon and a little bit of the blacktop showing through the snow on the roa...[Read more]

Transposing and Transposition Tool

Posted: 2010-12-14

It has again been several months since I have made an entry in this blog. Winter is back creating a cold, bleak, wasteland of frozen white crystals, covering the ...[Read more]

Nothing in Particular

Posted: 2010-09-23

Summer is officially over and fall has begun the rapid descent toward winter. The yard is littered with acorns and the first of the falling leaves. I generally like the fall m...[Read more]

Jam sessions

Posted: 2010-07-27

I have noticed a couple of things at the jam sessions I attend that could stand a little improvement. First, it seems that almost all of us tend to play our songs a bit fas...[Read more]

Summer 2010

Posted: 2010-07-06

A sad note to start this blog. A special old guitar playing friend, Dan Brodhead, died in May this year. I met Dan in 2003 when I decided I wanted to take guitar lessons again. I say ag...[Read more]

Winter in Ham Lake, Minnesota

Posted: 2010-01-26

January is nearly gone, and the daily average temperature is supposed to be beginning to rise. The average is supposed to be in the lower 20 degrees, but today the high...[Read more]

Mundane Monday

Posted: 2008-11-17

Not much to write about today, but I don't want to get out of the habit so I'll write about my mundane Monday. Started the day with 2 cups of coffee like I have done every day for ma...[Read more]

Deer and woodpeckers

Posted: 2008-11-16

Today I decided that this blog might be a good place to keep track of some things that I really enjoy about living where I do. Yesterday afternoon we watched a small whitetail ...[Read more]

Minnesota Winter Fun

Posted: 2008-11-15

This morning you can tell it's winter in Minnesota again. Little white flakes falling from the sky and the ground starting to take on a bright white look. We never know with th...[Read more]

Senior Center Jam Session

Posted: 2008-11-14

Thursday evening I attended one of the monthly jam sessions held at the Ham Lake Senior Center. We had a pretty good turnout again. There were 16 musicians and an audience...[Read more]

My guitar history

Posted: 2008-11-11

My first guitar was a Harmony acoustic archtop my folks bought around 1957 for about $40. It wasn't a great guitar, but it was just what I needed to begin learning to play. Many y...[Read more]

The Beginning

Posted: 2008-11-10

First post to my newly created blog. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I like guitars and just about everything related to playing guitars. I even created a tool for guitar play...[Read more]