Deer and woodpeckers

Posted: 2008-11-16

Today I decided that this blog might be a good place to keep track of some things that I really enjoy about living where I do. Yesterday afternoon we watched a small whitetail doe browsing in our back yard, and she was soon joined by a much larger 8 point buck. The buck had apparently been wounded at some time because he had a very noticeable limp in his left front leg. It looked like the buck may have been attracted to the doe, but he never got closer than 20 or 30 feet away from her. We watched them both for about a half hour, and then they slowly wandered into the tall grass and disappeared into the swamp behind our lot. This morning as I came downstairs I caught a glimps of something through the sidelight on the front door. When I stopped and looked out through the sidelight window I saw that it was a pileated woodpecker that had landed on an oak tree in my front yard about 10 yards from the front door. We have always had pileated woodpeckers living in the area, but they are wary birds so we don't see them all that often. They do have a distinctive loud call that we often hear even if we don't see them.