Welcome to Guitar Player's Friend!

Home of the amazing Guitar Chord Transposition booklet named the Guitar Player's Friend. 

This new product makes it easy for you to convert any song from one key to any other key you want.

Why do you need this handy tool? 

1. The music book you bought has a song you like, but;

It is in a key you don’t like to play (E flat, for example).
The key it is in just doesn’t sound like you know it should.
It is in a key that is hard for you to sing, or play.

2. There is no easier way to learn how to change keys than using this transposer.
3. You want to give an old familiar tune a different sound by changing the key.
4. You really want to be able to play in more than 1 or 2 keys.
5. You want a tool that will make it easy for you to learn how to change keys.
6. You have a friend who really needs to know how to change keys.