Nothing in Particular

Posted: 2010-09-23

Summer is officially over and fall has begun the rapid descent toward winter. The yard is littered with acorns and the first of the falling leaves. I generally like the fall months of September and October. The temperatures are more to my liking than the midsummer heat or the midwinter cold.

Yesterday I played my guitar at a senior day care center with my new friend, Larry, who plays the fiddle. It was Larry's gig and he invited me to accompany him while he played his Celtic fiddle tunes. Larry put on a great performance and had the audience practicing clogging and singing along to some old standards. As part of the gig I was asked to sing a few solos with just my guitar for accompaniment. Of course I was happy to do it. The funny thing was that Larry had never heard me sing before, so he had no idea whether I could even carry a tune. We had only met a few days ago and at that time I just played a few chords while Larry played his fiddle. Fortunately I was able to carry a tune so Larry didn't have to give me the hook. Anyway, what this rambling was leading up to is that for the very first time in my life I actually got paid for playing my guitar and singing. I never considered that was even a remote possibility. It was so easy I should have thought of that before I started working for a living. HaHa! If you somehow got to this Blog without buying one of my Guitar Chord Transposition Booklets, you should know that I began selling them on eBay again in July, and business has been very good with over 35 sold in the last 60 days. Eventually I will have a website where I will sell direct to guitar players, but in the meantime the Guitar Chord Transposers are only available on eBay or a very few guitar shops in Minnesota.